French names, les noms francais

Sometimes, french people’s names are funny like M. LAPORTE (the door), M.CHAISE (chair), M.PETIT (little), M.GRAND (tall),… Or cute like Mrs LAPIN (rabbit), Mr CANARD (duck), Mr HERISSON (hedgehog),… I’m pretty sure it exists any name you can think about, animals, seasons, numbers, objects, places, emotions and of course slang French words!

French language is full of puns about building full sentences saying the first name and the last name.

A common joke start with:

Monsieur et Madame Labrosse ont un fils, comment s’appelle t’il?

  • Adam (LABROSSE Adam (la brosse à dent, toothbrush)

Monsieur et Madame Plusdbière ont un fils, comment s’appelle t’il?

  • Roger (Roh! j’ai plus d’bière)

You can build tons of French words or sentences combining the name Alain:

Alain Proviste (à l’improviste) Alain & Alex Térieur (à l’intérieur, à l’extérieur) and also Eva Pisser (elle va pisser) Jean Sérien (j’en sais rien) Jacques Célert (j’accélère) …

The famous french humorist Franck Dubosc tells a story about a girl called “Sandy KILO” (the same sound as “110 Kilos”).

French names allow playing on word with English sentences too! Agathe the power, Agathe the blues.]]>

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