Spoken French: shorten words


In this video, Solange is explaining the difference between French from France, and french from Québec. The pronunciation of French words can be different, but these things are true for both countries:

In spoken french:

  • “Je sais” becomes “ché”
  • “Je suis” becomes “chu”
  • “Puis” becomes “pis”

In spoken French, we double the pronom personnel:

  • “Nous, on va manger”
  • “Eux, ils vont à Paris”
  • “moi, je suis professeur”
  • “lui, il” etc….

In spoken French, we often begin sentences with:

  • “bin”/”bah..”(eh bien)

And we often end sentences with:

  • “…là”
  • “…t’sais” (tu sais)
  • “…quoi”

In spoken French, we shorten words like:

  • “il” (when it’s followed by a word beginning with a consonant) > “y”
  • “y m’a dit que…”

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