Spoken French: shorten words

  • “Je sais” becomes “ché”
  • “Je suis” becomes “chu”
  • “Puis” becomes “pis”
  • In spoken French, we double the pronom personnel:
    • “Nous, on va manger”
    • “Eux, ils vont à Paris”
    • “moi, je suis professeur”
    • “lui, il” etc….
    In spoken French, we often begin sentences with:
    • “bin”/”bah..”(eh bien)
    And we often end sentences with:
    • “…là”
    • “…t’sais” (tu sais)
    • “…quoi”
    In spoken French, we shorten words like:
    • “il” (when it’s followed by a word beginning with a consonant) > “y”
    • “y m’a dit que…”

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