Paris Vs La Province

Paris Vs La Province

Since I was born, I heard about Province. What’s that? At first I mixed this with Provence, which is a region in France. My hometown is in Province, and as most of the Provinciaux, I feel like we are different. In France there is Paris, and the Province, that’s all. France is not a federal-like country, and when I get to move in Paris, I was surprised that people think there is 3 big cities in France. That’s not true at all. Although Paris looks like a village compared to most of others world capitals, Paris is way the biggest city in France, period. Marseille is bigger than Lyon, but there’s still a kind of a competition between them to get the second place. Funny.

Paris c’est la France. La France c’est Paris.

Because almost “everything” is in Paris, work, culture, monuments, politic, administration, several French governments tried to change that, but the “décentralisation” never worked. All is and will ever be in Paris. As a capital and the single “big” city in France, Paris is a hub for all the excesses. Paris attracts all the extremism, the most successful people, the poorest ones, the craziest ones, the naughty ones. And that’s also why Paris is magic and exiting! But still, Les Parisiens are so proud of Paris. And some of them look down on Les villes de Province, where everything is closed at 5pm (I can’t agree more), and all culture is in Paris, business, people, and so on. So a lot of Provinciaux criticize Parisians too (using famous punchline “Parisien, tête de chien, Parigo, tête de veau”), saying they don’t know France except Alpes in winter, Bretagne and Côte d’Azur in summer. Anyway, two facts showing it’s nothing serious: many Parisians have a secondary residence in Province, and about 30% of people living in Paris come from Province (I’m in!).]]>

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