Why you should not rely on TV or radio in order to learn French

Why Beginners should not Learn French from TV and Radio?

Many articles and people say that watching TV or radio can help you learning French faster and better. This method is also fun since you will not only focus on the language itself but also the way the speakers speak that language. You can see and hear a lot of slang and some expressions that are maybe considered as trends nowadays. You will know and understand how people really talk. Watching TV and listening to the radio indeed have some benefits for those who want to learn French especially the beginners. They can know exactly the sounds and the stress of the spoken French. When you only learn certain words or expressions by reading, you may not really understand to use them well in real life. By watching TV you can understand the use of certain words and expressions. It can help you remember them better. You can also learn the culture of the people who speak this language.

However, there are also some points that must be examined further from this perspective. People actually need right time in order to learn certain language because it does take your time. When you decide to watch movies to learn French, it is like you just use your free time to relax and enjoy the entertainment. French is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world. Learning French needs appropriate time and right method, so it is better if you serious about it and take use strategies. To make it clear, there are some explanations why you should not rely on TV or radio in order to learn French.

The first is that when you learn French from watching TV and listening to the radio, you will just have passive learning experience. Language learners need active and real experience in order to improve their skills. With active learning method, beginners can overcome difficulties in the process from other people’s help. Some studies also shows that people learning foreign language with passive method will likely get slower result than those who use active method. TV programs and also radio usually serve you with the language level that is considered too high for those beginner learners. When you learn French pronunciation or French words by using this method, you may not reach your actual goals. You need to learn basic French first in order to have better comprehension of the language.

The next fact is that when you learn French from TV and Radio you actually cannot really focus on the language itself. You may enjoy the TV programs, the actors, or the way the speakers speak the language, but then what is the point of learning the French language? When you enjoy the shows too much, you may be distracted and forget to focus on what you are supposed to learn. TV programs or movies you watch in foreign language also usually provide subtitles, so you probably will end up reading them and do not really pay attention on what you hear. Therefore, relying on TV and radio to learn French is not recommended for those who really want to improve quickly, and it’s just another tool you can use in your global learning strategy.

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