Marseille : New Movie and Interesting Facts


Marseille is a new French movie directed by Kad Merad the famous actor from Bienvenue chez les ch’tis. It’s quite the same idea and here Kad is having a trip back to his hometown and discovers a very different life. His partner is Patrick Bosso, who is also a famous comedian, from Marseille.

I share this with you because first, I think it’s very interesting for French culture and secondly, it’s good to hear the Marseille’s accent  on your listening skills in French.

What do French people think about Marseille?

  • People from Marseille are exaggerating everything!
This is a 1 meter fish!
  • Marseille is dirty
Because garbage collectors are on strike! (not just once I mean)
  • Their favorite sport is Pétanque, football and Pastis (alcohol)

  • There are a lot of guns, drugs and gangsters in Marseille

  • People from Marseille take a nap and work slowly

  • They speak with a strong accent

Patrick Bosso

  • Le Savon de Marseille (soap) is also very famous and everybody likes it!

People from Marseille didn’t create La Marseillaise, but have a lot of talented people among them including Zidane!

(A Netflix show takes place in Marseille: it’s called “Marseille” – really?- and it’s starring Gérard Depardieu)

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