A French Commercial About Parisian Clichés

What do French think about Parisian?

This is a Commercial for the Stade Français, a Rugby Team from Paris. I think they wanted to encourage French to support this team and watch their games. They started with a “cliché” (in grey) and ended by something positive nevertheless (in pink, one of the color of the team).

I wrote an article about Paris Vs Province, and also one about Marseille, where you can learn a bit more about the relationship between Provincials and Parisians. There is not really a competition but most people living in Province (an not Provence, which is different!) feel a bit abandoned since in France all is centralized in Paris. Everything is in Paris. So maybe that’s why Parisian think France is Paris and Paris is France, because it’s the case to a certain extent.

If you are interested in Paris culture and Parisian and want to know more about Clichés, I suggest a very good comic simply called Les Parisiens. There are two volumes and both are good!

A Paris on est snob: Parisian are considered as snobby (maybe you feel like all French are snobby. Most of us are indeed!) Se lâcher: Go crazy Faire la gueule: To sulk Voir la vie en rose: To be optimistic

A Paris on est snob, mais on sait se lâcher!

A Paris on est cliché, mais on fait des selfies!

A Paris on fait la gueule, mais on voit la vie en rose!

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