What’s My New Side Project?

A side project? (update: the project is online now)

If you took online French lessons with me recently, you know that I work a lot. I really like teaching so I didn’t really reduce my work hours even though I need to.

A few month ago I thought about finding a way to share French culture with French learners and not only teaching them grammar or pronunciation. I realized that the most part of the tutoring is teaching about language itself, and even if I approach culture points I wish I can give more. Especially for beginners, for which culture is not easily accessible. I first thought about doing live webinars about French culture points and offering an interactive part where students could have asked any questions they had. This is a good idea that I will maybe use in the future, but since I have students all over the world, I’m still thinking about how to handle timezones and technical issues.

I finally thought about sharing famous French quotes, and I realized that I should translate information in English to reach most French learners and to help people to understand the meaning of the original quotes. Translation is tricky because I want to keep the core meaning but make it easy to understand and accessible. I must also choose nice pictures to fit the quote as far as possible. All this take a lot of time in my schedule, but I’m convinced that it will help people to get a better understanding of French culture and also encourage them to dig into them. It’s also a new resource that I can use with my students.

In the learning process of any language, culture is very important but also very connected to the language structure. My math teacher once said to me “We don’t care about maths! What’s interesting is to make a connection between maths and other subjects!”. And I really think she was right. There is no point in learning French without learning French culture. This is why I choose this idea and worked on it!

This new project is ready, and I hope it will be handy and interesting for you.

Visit the website here: Daily French Quote

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