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What is Daily French Quote?

As a French tutor, I help foreigner to learn French for fun, exams, or professional purposes. I’ve been teaching French for several years and teaching is wonderful activity! It’s wonderful because “teaching is learning twice over”. It’s also a non-stop exchange between what I give and what I receive from my students. I’m very happy when they reach their goal and that’s a reward for me too! At the same time, I learn a lot about their experiences, the country they live in and even though I teach only online, tutoring is a very human job! The best part is when my students visit France and we meet!

Daily French Quote is one of my side projects. I realized that the most part of the tutoring is teaching about language itself, and even if I approach culture points I wish I can give more. Especially for beginners, for which culture is not easily accessible. That’s why I tried to find a way to share my love for France and French culture, and spread modestly the famous (or less famous) French writers, philosophers, artists, actors, …and also just quotes about France and French culture.

By creating Daily French Quote I want to make accessible thoughts of French people, and also share something positive. The choice is very rational and I picked the most positive and motivational quotes. I also wanted good pictures and colorful designs to match better the quotes so far as possible. I think that it’s easier to remember something when you like it and the more you are emotionally engaged the more you memorize things. I really hope these quotes and this project can achieve this goal! That’s a new resource that will be useful for French learners and whoever is interested in French language or French culture.

Daily French Quote includes famous French quotes from famous French people like Napoléon, Victor Hugo, Voltaire, but also more actual French artists like comedians, actors or even politicians (yes, they are good actors too!)

If you enjoy the quotes, please share them and let other people you know enjoy them!


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