My Method DELF B2 Speaking Test – How To Succeed is available!


Dear French learners,

After my project about the French Quotes, I’ve been working on a method about the DELF B2 French exam. Since I teach French I would say that more than 40% of my students are in the process of taking the exam. I lead students from beginners to advanced and DELF B2 is a big step for every French learner. As you know DELF B2 is really useful not only to improve your French but also to give credit to your skills when you apply for job or French University. I helped many students to achieve this goal and I realized that most of them had the same problems.

  1. A lack of self-confidence. Speaking a foreign language is tricky, we make many mistakes and it doesn’t feel good. Moreover, because we are afraid of making mistake we often choose to not speak. That’s most learners problem, whatever the language is. If we avoid facing reality we will stay dumb.
  2. No clue about what to expect.  Most students take this exam for the first time and sometimes it’s their first French exam. We don’t really know what to expect.
  3. Speaking practice. They are good methods to practice for the exam but the speaking part is always the hardest. I would first say that most of the time students don’t organize enough their presentation. They don’t take all chances to get extra point whereas it’s easier than they think.

That’s why I decided to gather all my knowledge about this exam and I built a process to understand what do to for the Speaking part. This method covers also the other skills like Listening, Writing and Reading test but mostly focuses on the Speaking Test because I found students need it.

The method includes the PDF DELF B2 Speaking Test – How To Succeed along with 12 PDF files:

1. Introduction
2. Why take the DELF exam?
3. About This Course
4. DELF B2 Listening Test
5. DELF B2 Reading Test
6. DELF B2 Writing Test
7. DELF B2 Speaking Test

a. What you are asked to do
b. How to do it (step by step)
i. Finding the issue
ii. Finding ideas
iii. Sorting your ideas
iv. Making a plan

1. Give an introduction
2. Develop the arguments
3. Draw a conclusion

Listening Test
Speaking Test
Writing Test
Reading Test
Listening Test
Appendix-1-La problématique
Appendix-2-Linking words
Appendix-3-Sentences fitting for any topic
Appendix-4-Main Mistakes
Appendix-5-CECR Grammar structures to master
Appendix-6-How To Be Confident
Example-Speaking test
Example-Writing test 1
Example-Writing test 2
Practice-Work on plan 1
Practice-Work on plan 2

I’m confident this will help you to save a lot of time and energy. My goal is that students can take the DELF B2 exam and be confident they can succeed. If you have any question or want to have an exam simulation with me, contact me here 🙂

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