What is the best method to prepare for DELF B2?

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In a previous post, I talked about being prepared for DELF B2 and why a method is necessary to succeed. That’s right, without a guide you don’t go far without losing time and energy! Especially if you never tried to take in once and you don’t know at all what to expect. You need help from experienced people or professional teachers to get straight to what you need to know and be effective in your preparation for the DELF B2 exam.

As someone who helps French learners to succeed this French exam, I’m used to the tools that are the best to prepare yourself. I will present the most effective methods you can buy and you can make your choice 🙂

RĂ©ussir le DELF B2 is the one I use the most. It’s divided in 4 parts matching the 4 skills. Each step is very clear so that at the end of each chapter you are supposed to know what to do. At the end of the book you’ll find a past paper sample. It comes with a CD/mp3 files.

DELF B2-200 activitĂ©s is more about exercises. It’s very progressive and it starts with very simple exercices. Then you will be guided to harder ones until you reach the exam level. It also comes with a sample exam and audio files. 

Les ClĂ©s du nouveau DELF B2 is a bit different because it’s divided by topics. You know that for DELF B2 you should master vocab for several topics. If you are not confident about vocabulary for B2, pick this one. It also comes with the corrected version of the exercises and audio files.

ABC DELF B2 – 200 exercices is a bit like Reussir le DELF B2, but activities are different. So if you want more practice, you can buy both, to be really prepared and confident. It contains corrected version and audio files.

Le DELF B2- 100% RĂ©ussite is better if you don’t know what to expect on DELF B2 exam. They have useful explanations and activities. It’s a recent one and I think it’s complete. It comes with audio files. 

Les 500 exercices de grammaire – Niveau B2 is focusing on grammar. Some of you need to review the grammar skills you are supposed to master at this level. This book is for you. Warning: there is no rules explanation in this book, just a lot of very useful exercises with corrected version.

If I have to recommend just one you should pick…DELF B2-200 activitĂ©s. It’s simple and complete. But wait the last method I recommend is the one I created: How to Succeed-DELF B2 Speaking Test. I realized that all these books help with all skills but that most students need help with the Speaking part. I gathered my experience and students’ feedback to create this one and it’s focused on the Speaking Test. This method is in full English, so that you have no doubt about what I mean and all the precious advice I share with you.

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