5 Places You Must Visit On Your Next Trip To France

1-The Loire Valley

The Loire Valley, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage, is a remarkable place to visit for History, nature, wine and castles lovers. Located at the South of Paris, the Loire Valley hosts 21 main castles full of History: they have received illustrious figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Francois Ier or even Jeanne d’Arc. The Loire Valley also offers the opportunity to taste some very good wines, particularly the Cabernet d’Anjou (Rosé), the Saumur (that can be either red, white or rosé) or the Vouvray, a still or sparkling type of wine. The Region is also a perfect place to enjoy cycling along the wild Loire river (the longest river in France) on the cycle route “La Loire a Velo” that extend on 800 km of beautiful landscapes.


Maybe you have already heard about the Provence Region in the South of France (Do not mix Provence and Province!). This is an amazing region where you can enjoy a relax style of life under the sun and the cicada songs (that could surprise (irritate?) you at first). There is a special place there called Les Ocres de Roussillon that I especially appreciate because it is really different from landscapes we can usually see in France.

3-Les Calanques

While visiting the charming second city of France: Marseille, you should take the opportunity to go and visit Les Calanques. Les Calanques are rocky creeks above the Mediterranean sea. The most famous are the one located near the city of Cassis. I think some images could help to get an idea bout the place:


When someone gets to visit the city of Lyon, he generally leaves thinking “This city is just perfect: not too big, not too small, in the heart of Europe, not far from the mountains neither from the sea.”

Indeed, the capital of gastronomy has a lot to offer: 2 rivers, 2 hills, an old quarter where you could discover the history of silk workers and of course good food and wine to test in one of the many local food restaurants named “bouchons”. You can also go for a walk in the old city and its hidden passages: the famous “traboules” (narrow corridors crossing buildings to get from a street to another). There is a lot to do and see in this full of history city so the best is to discover it by yourself!

If you are looking for a place to study French, Lyon is a perfect city for that. It’s not too big so that you will have a lot of time to meet locals and not too small so you have many activities to do.

View of Lyon city from Fourviere, France


It is impossible to visit France and not to taste some Bordeaux wine. You could taste it anywhere in France actually, or even abroad. But the city of Bordeaux and its region are worth the detour. For me, Bordeaux is like a little Paris but has the advantage to be at 50 km from the sea. Isn’t it just fantastic?! If you are interested in wine, Bordeaux City just opened La Cité du Vin, a wine museum about 1 year ago. I haven’t the chance to visit yet but it’s definitely a place that I will visit in the future! Try it!

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