Visit Paris: Things To Do For Second Timers In Paris

If it’s not your first time in Paris, you may have already visited the landmarks and Museum. There are many things to do in Paris and always something to discover! If you want to experience something a bit different this time, here is a list of recommendations. There is something for everyone!

Paris off the beaten path

Usually, if you search for a tour in Paris from home, foreign websites always give you the same routes and same things to do. If you want to discover something else,  I suggest a very good website called Paris Zigzag. Because it aims first the French curious, every guided tour is off the beaten path for foreign tourist. The good thing is that guides are really passionate and that visits are in French so it’s a good way to practice French and meet French people! Website:


Giverny is not far from Paris and can be a good one day trip. If you like art, painting, and nature it’s a really good idea! Taking the train to get there is very easy and fast. SNCF provides also packages including the journey and the museum entry fee (Le Train de l’impressionnisme). Website:

Food Tours

Food can be your only reason to travel to France. Paris has many restaurants to enjoy French food, and also many food shops like fromageries, charcuteries, pâtisseries, chocolates…where you can taste and buy the best food ever! I personally recommend “L’affineur affiné” for French cheese, or “Des Mets et Vins” for the wine, but if you want to be guided to the best food shop, visit Parisbymouth website:

Cemetery, Churches, Catacombes

Besides the famous cimetière du Père Lachaise, le cimetière de Montmartre and le cimetière de Montparnasse can be good places to relax, have a walk or sit on a banch on a quiet place. In Paris cemeteries you can also see famous people’s graves.
Les Catacombes de Paris are also exotic and show another side of Paris.  Churches can also offer quiet moments (here is a list) but maybe avoid Notre-Dame de Paris if you don’t like the crowd.

Enjoy Paris like a Parisian

You can have a picnic or a bottle of wine like every Parisian do at the Sacré Coeur, Seine River Banks, Canal Saint Martin, Champs de Mars, Jardin du Luxembourg, Invalides… All of these places are very nice but for the evening I suggest the river banks or Sacré Coeur!

Fragonard Museum

Near Opera Garnier Hall you can visit the Fragonard Fragrance Museum. Free entry and free guided tour makes the visit even more enjoyable. The visit is very interactive and interesting! After the visit (about 40 min) you can buy perfumes in the shop at discount price. Website:

Art and Craft Tourism

If you are curious about French Crafting you can visit workshops., and can help you to organize a visit of a food factory, clothes factory and much more. There is a lot of choices and it will be less crowded than LVMH’s Journees Particulieres…

Festivals, Events, and Meetups

Whether it’s jazz concerts or exhibitions there are famous agendas on the web showing you the next events to come on a specific date. For example, Parisbouge, but also the famous Pariscope, display all events according to your criteria. I also like the Meetup website, for more uncommon activities like cooking French food with a Parisian or discover the secret of a particular district of Paris with a Parisian guide (many are for free!).

Paris Woods

Parcs in Paris are always crowded but why not going to the Bois de Boulogne or the Bois de Vincennes? These are quickly accessible by subway and big enough to have your own space. Both have a pond and it’s possible to have a boat ride. The Bois de Vincennes also has a zoo and a floral garden, and the beautiful Château de Vincennes is right there.

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