Visit Lyon: 9 Events For The Arts and Culture Enthusiasts

1-Biennale d’Art Contemporain

If you like Contemporary and Modern Art, this is a good event for you. Every odd year from September to January many artists from the all over the world come to exhibit their works. Each year there is a different theme and many art pieces and installations to see at the Biennale d’Art Contemporain.

2-Biennale de la Danse

Every even year it’s time for the Dance Biennale. Many shows and different themes are offered each year late September. They are talented artists and choreographers creating show especially for this event. Theaters like Maison de la Danse, Les Subsisances or Salle 3000 are usually holding this event.

3-Festival Cinéma Lumière (Early October)

Since 2009 this festival is held in Lyon. Lyon is one of the places where the Cinema is born and was developed. That’s why there is a Museum called Institut Lumière (Lumière Brothers created one of the first movies). The Festival Lumière is early October each year and there are many guests, actors, and directors coming to present their movie. There are master classes, exhibitions, and movie paraphernalia.

4-Spend a “Night at the Museum” – Nocturnes du Musée des Beaux-Arts

From November to June, each first Friday of the month, you will be able to visit the Museum at night. It’s not only good if you have a short weekend and prefer visiting outdoor places in daytime, but it’s also a good experience. That night there are animations as so as conferences from scientists, artists, and specialists and the Museum display different art pieces that are usually not shown.  

5-La Fête des Lumières

La Fête des Lumières is a major event in Lyon around December 8th. It’s a big event related to history and it’s to thank the Virgin Mary for saving the city against diseases. Traditionally, the citizens put small lanterns on apartments or houses windows that night, so it makes the city full of lights. Nowadays it became a big Light Festivalattracting people all around the world. The city is really crowded around December 8th so you better plan your trip and accommodation ahead.

6-Fete de la musique (June 21th)

The Yearly music festival is in every city, but coming in Lyon this night is a good thing. You can go all the way from walking from the City Hall (Hotel de Ville) to Place Bellecour and enjoy many shows. Each music style is represented and you can check the program and choose where to go according to the style you like.

7-Quai du Polar (Early April)

Quai du Polar (Thriller) is an International Book festival taking place in Lyon early April. Part of the fact that you can discover many novels and meet writers, there is also an interesting “murder mystery game” offering you to look for clues all around the city to find the culprit. This game is a very good idea to discover the city while having fun! 

8-Say a word to Le Crieur Public

This old tradition still exists in Lyon. His Motto is “tu écris…et je crie!” (you write, I shout). People leave a message in the mailbox of Le Crieur. And he shouts out at the Place every message that he received during the week. You can, of course, leave a message, or just go listening to him on weekends. You can see him usually on Sunday mornings from March to July place de la Croix Rousse at 11 am and on Saturdays Place Sathonay at 4 pm or 7 pm. 

9-Puces du canal

This flea market is big and is held every Sunday from 7 am to 2 pm. There are old paintings, artefacts, old toys and books, old furniture, design objects…A good opportunity for every visitor to find unique France related objects.

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