New DELF 2020: What’s New?

Starting from March 2020 the DELF/DALF Test will change a bit in their format. DELF A1 will remain the same, however A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 get some modifications. So what will change exactly?

DELF/ DALF actuelNouveau DELF/DALF
(mars 2020)
DELF A2CO : 7 documentsCO : 14 documents
DELF B1CE : 35  minutesCE : 45 minutes
DELF B2CO : 2 documentsCO : 5 documents
DALF C1 / C2Choix du domaine de spécialitéPas de domaine de spécialité

For DELF A2, B1, B2

Compréhension oral and compréhension écrite test will have some modification: There will be no more open ended questions. It will be closed ended questions.

There will me more multiple-choice questions. You will not need to justify your answer in the case of a “Yes or No” question.

The number of tasks will aslo be changed. For A2, audio documents will be now 14 instead of 7 previously. For B2 there will be 5 audio documents instead of 2.

The duration of the compréhension des écrits test will be 45 minutes (35 minutes previously). It will definitely help to have less stress.

For DALF C1 and C2

There will be no more “domaines de spécialité”(Lettres et Sciences Humaines ou Sciences). There will be comme topics for all candidates.

Result: the exam will be easier but Expression oral will become more important to assess your level. This is the part you will be more likely to make the difference.

Prepare your DELF compréhension orale test!

4 thoughts on “New DELF 2020: What’s New?”

  1. Hi.. i am giving the DELF B1 exam in march 2020. i would like to know if the new pattern will be in effect from this exam itself or from june. Please help.

    1. Hello! actually, it depends on the country you will take the exam. The new format will take 3 years to be adapted worldwide. According to the official organisation: Les épreuves au nouveau format en 2020 représenteront environ 15 % des épreuves dans le monde, ensuite 50 % en 2021 pour arriver à 100 % en 2023.
      I guess the 15% of 2020 (starting from this month) will include France and european countries, although it is not an official information, just my opinion.

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