Why Take French Classes Online?


I’m Jean, a professional French teacher specialized in oral and exam/interview preparation.

For several years, I help French learners to achieve their goal, succeed the DELF B2, TEF, pass interviews with French recruiters or universities, and help you to travel in France with more confidence.

  • You want efficiency, professional teaching
  • You’ve got to pass an exam like DELF B2, and you want to be fully prepared
  • You need to correct your pronunciation and sound French​
  • You need French for professional purpose (Business, Hotel Management,…) or an interview
  • You need someone to guide you and to help you staying motivated

I’m here to help you to achieve your goal !

My only concern is to be the most effective for you and that’s why I focus only on your goal. The most important for me is that you can actually receive something more than just French language knowledge. Since language always implies a communication situation I have this in mind when I teach you.

Why so Many People Give up Learning French 
Before Reading This…

A lot of tips to learn French quickly are about ”watch videos”, ”listen to audio podcasts”, ”read newspapers”. Because of technology and easy access to information, people nowadays tend to become lazy, by just consuming medias. Yes, it’s easy. But not very efficient, if it’s not combined with practice.

Practice makes perfect. Of course. We tend to avoid this and become zombies looking videos and clicking buttons on Ipads. But practice is the final goal, and at the same time the most effective way to achieve it. Passiveness is trendy because we have so many around us. We are rich. We have all that we can imagine and even more and that’s why we become lazy. But to improve language, you need practice, and start a routine with learning French.

  • We all want to now how to speak French in 3 hours.
  • We all want to run for 20 minutes and lose 3 kg instantly
  • We all want the benefits without the work

Actually, if you just begin, you’re already half the way.

Yes, 3 months from now, you will thank yourself.

Are private lessons really effective?

“Hello Jean,
I am interested to really improving my french ability. But I would play the Devil’s advocate here and ask anyway, are these private lessons really effective? Than say going to an actual group french class? Thank you.”

United Kingdom

Most of my students take also group lesson aside. No method is perfect, that’s why I suggest using every tool you can. Private lessons are really effective but they are not the best for everyone. 

For example, I think a beginner should take private lessons along the group class to take confidence. Everyone feel different, some don’t like group classes because they don’t have enough opportunity to talk or are simply shy.

It also depends on the student’s motivation and personal homework. I personally think private class as a way to get deeply at some point, and to practice a lot. Eventually, online lessons are convenient for busy people.

Enventually, when it comes to teaching a language there is no point to set the same advice and same rules for every student. That’s why I believe in private tutor lessons where I can tailor a personal teaching program for you.

What looks like taking online lessons?

Save time and energy instead of commuting.Control your schedule and learn anywhere.Focus on YOUR needs,
not the others’.
Even if your commuting time is 30 min round trip, if you have 2 lessons a week it’s at least 4 hours a monththat you waste. Your class is 1 hour long but you pay actually for 30 min commuting.Mornings or afternoons. In your house or office. All you need is a computer and a single click to connect with me!In a classroom of a same level nobody has actually the same aptitude and improve at a different pace. This can be frustrating because you feel you lose your time and want to move on or practice more.

I’m not just a French teacher. I can help you with your French Grammar, but what’s more important to me, is giving you all the tools to be more efficient and get to your goal faster. It makes a difference because almost everything is available online for free, but how to choose the best resource? How to use it to be effective? How to be productive instead of being busy learning French? I’d like to share the answers with you!

See what my students have to say:

I had a great time. Jean is very friendly and very easy to talk to. I was looking for conversation practice, so not a classic language lesson, and I had a very good time because our conversation was natural and nice. Jean provided written feedback for the errors I made, so I can go over them after the lesson. I am very satisfied.

Jeff, USA

​Jean was very patient and delightful while I was speaking french. He made me feel at ease and very free to speak no matter how many mistakes I made. He also was very helpful teaching me grammar and given me ideas on how to improve. He is a great teacher and I will recommend him to anybody without hesitation. I will continue with him.
The teacher was very enthusiastic and very approchable. It was very easy to talk to him. He knows his grammar and he is very careful explaining French. My French is very limited and sometimes I have difficulty speaking the language, but with Jean he makes you at ease. He is a natural teacher.

Lucas, Korea

C’était la première fois de “discuter” de quelque chose en Français. Et Jean était vraiment patient. J’ai de la chance d’apprendre le français avec lui. Parfait, comme toujours!
C’était super! J’ai juste commencé à apprendre le Français avec lui et il est parfait comme professeur. Il a beaucoup de bons choses pour enseigner et il m’a encouragé très bien. Merci beaucoup!


Jean, c’est un mec genial! Immédiatement, nous parlons comme des vieux amis. Nous avons parlé de Paris, des politiques, des affaires, de la musique. C’était super! Je peux le recommander sans hésitation. J’attends le prochain leçon avec impatience.

Adam, USA

​Jean is a fantastic teacher. I could tell right away that he is extremely attentive to the particular needs of his students. Today, in our first lesson, we practiced some basic conversations (e.g., about what I do, where I will visit in Paris, etc..) and then we discussed the best method for advancing my studies. He provided notes on vocabulary and grammar, and also emailed me some very useful resources/tools which are appropriate for my level. I am excited to take more classes with him soon.


For the last few lessons, we’ve been working on DELF B2 preparation, specifically production orale. I​’ve been preparing each presentation 30 minutes before class, as during the DELF, and then Jean simulates a bit the exam experience for me. His feedback has been helpful and insightful. Jean has been extraordinarily helpful in general with my DELF preparation; in fact he gave me a bit of advice that has helped me double my scores on listening comprehension!
Many thanks. 


Excellent lesson, topical conversation, light-hearted and amusing. I get a great feel for the language. Jean his a French native, with a rich knowledge of the language. He always reassures me to ask any questions if I need to, or send him a message later if I need any help with anything

Lily, China

Il est très gentil et sympathique. Comme je vais passer l’entretien, on a parlé du projet d’étude et du projet professionnel. En plus on a discuté des choses intéressantes. Il m’a aidé à corriger ma prononciation et des erreurs. Le temps passe vite. Je suis très contente de communiquer avec lui.


One hour flew by so quickly or time flies when you are having fun. My listening skill needs the most work but Jean clarified them easily giving examples for comparison and nuance. I enjoyed and learned something which are the most important reasons of learning a new language. I like the fact that he speaks fluent English so when I am stuck, which is often, we switch back to English to clarify my difficulties. He has a right-on-target assessment of my level and seemingly willing to “tailor” a program based on what I need the most to help me move forward to advance my learning process.

Roberto, Italy


Take action! Schedule your first lesson with me is the first step to reach your goal.

all levels A1 to C2:

  • For exam preparation (DELF, TEF Canada, Campus France,…)
  • For professional purpose (diplomats, business, work abroad)
  • For other purpose (travel, studies,…)

Get the packages to get FREE lessons!


1. Can I have a trial lesson? 

Sure, each student has one trial lesson. In order to book a trial lesson, please use the booking module.

2. How can I pay? 

We accept most currencies, booking for any lesson or package will lead to a payment page where you can pay with any bank card or paypal.

3. What if I want to cancel or reschedule the lesson?

If you want to reschedule a lesson, rescheduling must be done at least 12 hours before the start.

Each student has 2 chances to reschedule per month. Be careful: if you are absent for 20 min for a 60 min lesson, the lesson will be automatically cancelled.

All purchased lessons cannot be refunded.

Which course to choose? How many sessions do I have to take?

According to your level, your needs and goals you have to take one or several lessons per week. Usually it’s better to have a regular practice of the language you want to learn French.

How I contact the tutor at the lesson time? 

By default we use Skype, but we also teach online using Facetime, Hangouts, Wechat, you name it.

I live in another timezone, how can I be sure to book the right time?

When you book a lesson, you are asked to select your timezone. The time you choose will be then in your timezone.