I’m Jean, a professional French teacher specialized in oral and exam/interview preparation.
For several years, I help French learners to achieve their goal, succeed the DELF B2, pass interviews with French recruiters or universities, and help you to travel in France with more confidence. The articles that I published here are mostly from my own teaching experience. If you have different opinions with me, welcome to leave your precious comments. I will update it weekly, welcome to visit me from time to time!

I work also with Ludovic who is also a French professional teacher from a beautiful French island. He taught and trained hundreds of people to go and study in France. He is also a well-known motivational speaker and may help you too to achieve your personal and professional improvement in France.

Our only concern is to be the most effective for you and that’s why we focus only on your goal. The most important for us is that you can actually receive something more than just French language knowledge. Since language always implies a communication situation we have this in mind when we teach you.

Feel free to contact us for any question or collaboration!