DELF B2 Writing Test Tips!

The DELF B2 French exam includes a writing test which is with the speaking part the most difficult among my students. Don't worry, with a proper and regular training, you will be able to quickly achieve your goal and succeed this part too!

My First Book in French is available!

Dear French learners, Last time I told you about a short book in French I just finished to write and plan to publish. This book is called "Le regret des marches d'escalier". It is now available in Paperback and ebook format, so you can

My Books available on Amazon

I finally had the time to publish my French methods on the Amazon website. As a teacher, my main valuable skill is teaching and share knowledge, but when it comes to publish books I needed to know a bit about editing and design. The

5 French Politician Famous Quotes

French like battles, battle of ideas and philosophy. When it comes to politics it's the same and they like tackle a journalist or a member of another party. Here are some of the most famous lines every French remembers about their