Le dîner de cons (extrait)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYYwaFy05-U A famous French movie based on a play called Le Dîner de Cons. This scene is about a pun made on a French word "Juste". It's common to have this kind of play on word with French names. Scène du 

Suicide Social, chanson francaise

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2kvtRprvkk Orelsan est un rappeur populaire parce qu'il parle de sujets qui concernent la plupart des jeunes francais citadins. Dans ce texte il se met à la place de quelqu'un qui va se suicider et qui dit…

Le licenciement, sketch d'Omar et Fred

Le licenciement - Omar et Fred This is a sketch from 2 famous french humorists. This sketch is interesting to understand french culture. It's about a boss Mr Serbi (Fred) firing his employee François (Omar). This employee's job is

French names, les noms francais

Sometimes, french people's names are funny like M. LAPORTE (the door), M.CHAISE (chair), M.PETIT (little), M.GRAND (tall),... Or cute like Mrs LAPIN (rabbit), Mr CANARD (duck), Mr HERISSON (hedgehog),... I'm pretty sure it exists any…

Costard et trottinette

In France, many workers use scooters and even "trottinette" to go to work :) Trottinette is basically for children but a few years ago, it became trendy and it's still. Everyone can use it, young, old people, to go to work even wearing…