Vocabulaire DELF B2 – 300 Expressions pour réussir

Le DELF B2 est une étape importante pour chaque apprenant. Comme vous le savez surement, se préparer à passer le DELF B2 vous donne l’occasion d’améliorer vos compétences, mais ce diplôme permettra surtout de faire valoir vos compétences en français, que vous souhaitiez trouver un travail ou entrer dans une université en France ou au Canada. J’aide chacun d’entre vous à atteindre cet objectif et la plupart d’entre vous avez les mêmes difficultés, c’est à dire :

French Vocab: 170 Idioms about Nature

Nature idioms in French! French language has so many idioms that it is necessary to divide in several books (Colors, Food, Body, Animals, Nature, ….). Needless to say that not all Nature idioms are in this book. I only kept 50% of what actually exists. I chose to keep the ones that you might hear in a daily environment or in the French news and medias.

New Book: 300 idioms with animals in French!

Animals are part of the daily life of French people and of course you will find a lot about pets (dogs, cats,…) but also about Animals that we traditionally raise and feed in French agriculture like cows, chicken, sheep, pigs. We also have strong and scary animals that appears in fairy tales like wolves, bears, and also birds. These animals all have their own characteristics and they can sometimes apply to someone’s attitude,