My Books available on Amazon

I finally had the time to publish my French methods on the Amazon website. As a teacher, my main valuable skill is teaching and share knowledge, but when it comes to publish books I needed to know a bit about editing and design. The

5 French Politician Famous Quotes

French like battles, battle of ideas and philosophy. When it comes to politics it's the same and they like tackle a journalist or a member of another party. Here are some of the most famous lines every French remembers about their

My 5 favorites French Slang #2

Laisse Tomber It means "forget it, forget about it". If you don't want to explain more when the other guy is still confused about what you are saying. You can use this to change the topic and move on. Ça craint ! "It sucks!". Use it

My 5 favorites French Slang #1

Avoir la dalle: When you are really hungry, you can say you are starving. This is how to say it in French slang! "J'ai la dalle!" Avoir la gueule de bois Hangover! When you drink too much alcohol, and you wake up the next morning