Sound French with 400 Body Expressions and Idioms

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  • 400 French expressions
  • meaning and examples
  • used in daily spoken French

French is full of idioms and expressions. Whereas it is about fruits, colors or body, the language has always an interesting way to describe a feeling, a situation, a place. The body idioms are usually quite logical to understand. They refer to the part of the body we use in the situation we want to describe. For example “langue de vipère” refers to the way some people talk (gossip). However some expression are not that clear. For example “se faire de la bile”, is related to internal organs (liver). According to old western medicine and traditional chinese medicine, each vital organ is linked to an emotion. Nowadays, the relation seem far although it might be justified to some point. Then, all idioms are born in different times. Some old idioms are still used, as other die. Because I wanted this list to be practical and useful for everyday spoken French, I selected the ones that I hear more often and I dropped the ones that are too formal or not used anymore. It means that when you will use them you will not sound like a book!

  • 400 French expressions + meaning and examples

150 pages
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