How French really speak – French Slang#2

You maybe already know that French oral is completely different from what you learn in books and at school. That is the reason why I strongly suggest to study French using more oral first (at least the first 2-4 weeks of studies).

Here are some basic words that French use less frequently than you think and I give you along the synonyms that they prefer to use! These are French slang, simply very very different from what you learn at school! This is what you can call French slang. Enjoy!

Eat (manger)

French food is famous worldwide but how do French express the act of eating actually? We mainly use “bouffer”. It is widely spread in people’s mouth in daily conversations in France. “La bouffe” means “the food”. “Une bouffe” means “a meal” ! So easy 😉 . We can also use “la malbouffe” to express “junkfood”. If you are interested in French movies, there is also a famous classic French movie called “La Grande Bouffe” (1973). Bon appĂ©tit!

Clothes (les vĂȘtements)

When you listen to someone talking about clothes, you will usually hear “les fringues”, “les sapes” . You can also use the verbs “se fringuer”, “se saper” to express “to get dressed”.

To Give (donner)

Verbs we use all the time to express “donner”: “filer”. “file-moi un coup de main” (give me a hand), “file-moi ton numĂ©ro de tĂ©lĂ©phone” (give me your phone number).

  • piquer (to steal)

To Steal (voler)

French use the verb “piquer” instead of “voler“. But it can also mean “prendre” (take) or “emprunter” (borrow).

  • Il s’est fait piquer son tĂ©lĂ©phone (his phone was stolen)
  • Je te pique ton stylo (I borrow your pen)

A thing (une chose)un truc (a thing)

“Un truc” is always good to use to replace anything we forgot or don’t know how to name.

  • Je vais te dire un truc (I will tell you something)
  • Je comprends rien Ă  ce truc (I don’t get it at all)

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