How French really speak – French Slang#1

You maybe already know that French oral is completely different from what you learn in books and at school. That is the reason why I strongly suggest to study French using more oral first (at least the first 2-4 weeks of studies).

Here are some basic words that French use less frequently than you think and I give you along the synonyms that they prefer to use! These are French slang, simply very very different from what you learn at school! This is what you can call French slang. Enjoy!

Car (la voiture)

I seldom hear someone around me using the word “la voiture”, except in certain situations (usually formal). We would prefer “la caisse, la bagnole, la tire”

Toilet (les toilettes)

Using “aller aux toilettes” is correct mostly, but we do prefer using “aller aux chiottes”. Some other also like the very formal “aller au petit coin”. It sounds cute for a not really cute thing. Anyway, if you like these expressions there is a complete and really funny pdf available here…only about this idea of “aller aux toilette”!

Money (l’argent)

The same goes with money. Seldom heard in daily life except in a formal context. We use “le fric, le pognon, la thune, l’oseille, le blé, …”. No wonder this word has many synonyms as it is something getting people attention usually 😉

Children (les enfants)

We usually use “les gosses”, or “les gamins”, instead of “les enfants”. We can also hear “les mômes” (remember the movie about Edith Piaf, “La Môme” ?).

Work  (le travail)

As you know French are good at work but prefer being on strike or in Holiday, that’s maybe why we avoid saying “le travail”, but we use “le boulot, le taf, le job” way more often.

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