Visit Lyon: 5 of The Best Restaurants in Lyon

Lyon is the most famous place for food in France. Maybe because of Paul Bocuse’s world renown restaurants or because Lyon has many different typical dishes! Lyon’s specialities are charcuterie, tablier de sapeur, la cervelle de canut, l’andouillette, la quenelle and much more! The best place to eat this delicious dishes are Rue des Marronniers and Vieux Lyon, where you can find the best “Bouchons”.

Chabert et Fils

Located in Rue des Marronniers, this is one of the best traditional restaurant in Lyon. Chabert et Fils food is simple and delicious, and the atmosphere is really nice. The street itself is beautiful and the restaurant is full of typical decorations. The better is ask a suggestion to the waiter if you are not familiar with la cuisine Lyonnaise. Anyway La salade Lyonnaise and Gâteau de foie de volaille are my favorites!

L’Ourson Qui Boit 

A small Fusion Japanese-French restaurant (like Signature Montmartre), with a short menu that guarantees fresh products! The dishes are really delicious and everything is perfect here. There is a patisserie corner inside L’ourson qui boit like a showroom of what to expect as a dessert or if you want to shop a high quality Japanese fusion pâtisserie! Better book ahead of time, because the room is small and the restaurant is successful!


A nice atmosphere to enjoy music, beer and burgers!

Bière – Burgers – Musique. Ninkasi is a concept of chain restaurants, that serve burgers and beers (they are brewers too!) and play good music. Most restaurants can host a music band some nights but the bigger concert hall is the one at Ninkasi Gerland (near the ex-stadium). About the burgers, it works as a subway-like ordering, so you can pick up the size of your meat, and any ingredients making your perfect burger!!


Mmh! Delicious Croque-Monsieur!

Croque-Monsieur is a famous snack we have in France and that you should know. It’s selling everywhere like bakery, snacks, brasseries, cafés and restaurants! CrockNroll speciality is le Croque-Monsieur, that’s the place you can have the better time eating it! The size is quite big (the normal size is already enough for me) and they also have sweet Croque-Monsieur for dessert. They have two restaurants in Lyon.

Brasserie Georges

Brasserie George’s Restaurant in Lyon. Amazing experience. Must go!

At last but not least the famous restaurant brasserie called Brasserie Georges. It’s a 150+ years old traditional French brasserie and the room is really big. They are originally brewers (brasseurs) and they serve typical cuisine from Lyon. The service is very fast and I’m never disappointed. Many people eat out here for their birthday and everytime you go there you can expect to listen the happy birthday song sung along with a waiter (they are all very nice) playing an old instrument. Very original and something you can’t forget. I like it especially it’s right next to the Perrache train station.


Alright, in Lyon we have a secret guide book called Le Petit Paumé! 🙂 There is a new version every year and that’s the guide People from Lyon use to eat out and find a place to have fun around Lyon! Check it out it’s very complete:

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