My 5 favorites French Slang #2

Laisse Tomber

It means “forget it, forget about it”. If you don’t want to explain more when the other guy is still confused about what you are saying. You can use this to change the topic and move on.

Ça craint !

“It sucks!”. Use it when a situation is not good. It is the equivalent of “c’est nul” but a bit stronger.

Ça me Soule

It means “It is getting on my nerves” or “I’m fed up”. You can use it pretty much for everything you are tired of. Because it usually comes from the bottom of your heart, mind to pronunce it “sahmsool” (ça m’soule).

Être crevé

You can use it when you are exhausted, so tired. It can be translated as “to be exhausted, to be flat, to be extremely tired”.

Faire gaffe

It is the slang for “faire attention”. Just use it to warn someone or ask someone to be careful. “Faire gaffe” means “to be careful, to watch out”.

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