Visit Paris: How to find a good restaurant?

When visiting France and Paris, it is also important to try what France does the best, its food. France has famous restaurants and a long history of food and gastronomy.
I think the main problem here is that foreigners looking from a good restaurant from abroad, often don’t get directly to the source, but search on a web browser and end up to have the big websites with the biggest advertisement ranking first. Unfortunately, being first on a page result doesn’t mean you are the best, especially with the French mentality (traditionally, we don’t really like promoting ourselves). Here are the most populat websites that French locals check to find a good restaurant.

The customers reviews are reliable, however, you also need to check the numbers of reviews, as so as the pictures. Once you found a restaurant that you like, you can also google its name so that you can also have other medias reviews and pictures, which can be useful!

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