Devinettes En Français! (French Riddle) #2

Let’s continue with the French riddles. Always a good way to improve your French! You will learn homophones and because you will realize some words sounds the same so you can make play on words with French words! French riddle can also help you to learn French idioms! Many riddles can be found inside the famous Carambar candies actually. French kids like them a lot, the candies and the jokes. Let’s start!

Q: Quel est le comble pour un crayon?
A: C’est d’avoir une bonne mine
Avoir bonne mine, means “to have a good complexion”. Mine is also the pencil leads.

Q: Quel est le comble pour un facteur?
A: C’est d’être timbré
Être timbré means to be crazy. Un timbre is a stamp.

Q: Quel est le comble pour un juge?
A: C’est de manger un avocat
Un avocat is a lawyer. Un avocat is also an avocado.

Q: Quelle est la lettre la plus tranchante?
A: Le H
La hache means an axe.

Q: Quelles sont les lettres les moins visibles?
A: Les F, A et C
When you spell F,A,C in French it sounds like effacé which means erased.

Q: Que font deux brosses à dent le 14 juillet (French National Day)?
A: Un feu dentifrice
On the French National Day, there is a lot of fireworks (feu d’artifice). Dentifrice means toothpaste.

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