French Vocab: 5 Common Synonyms For ARGENT

Argent is a word that we use every day. But usually, we don’t say ARGENT. It sounds too normal, not original, not interesting. It is too formal to be used every day, we can use it when we contact the bank or some administrations. This is also the word taught at school. However, in daily conversation in French, we have tons of synonyms for ARGENT but here are the most common:

  1. Pognon
    • Les touristes ont plein de pognon à dépenser.
  2. Fric
    • Cet mec est intelligent, il peut faire du fric avec n’importe quoi.
  3. Blé
    • J’ai besoin de blé, t’as pas 10 euros?
  4. Oseille
    • C’est celui d’entre nous qui gagne le plus d’oseille.
  5. Cash
    • L’entreprise a besoin de cash pour continuer à fonctionner.

We have dozen of them, but to me these are the ones that I listen daily. We will use it in different situations and context, but also with different people.

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