5 Famous French Quotes About Paris

Paris est à proprement dire toute la France. Heinrich Heine

(Paris is actually France.)

We can understand this quote in two different ways. France is not a federal country so it’s basically divided between Paris and Province. As a consequence, almost everything is in Paris: Politics, culture, economy, and people, since it’s the most populated city in France. the gap between Paris and the rest of France is big and, although tourists visit France a lot, Paris capital is one of the most visited city in the world. All things representing France are in Paris. Paris is a cliché of France I would say. Although they are very different things in Province, Paris will stay the symbol of France forever.

Les meilleurs américains meurent à Paris. Oscar Wilde

(When good Americans die, they go to Paris.)

Many tourists like Paris for shopping, visiting museum and monuments and taking pictures. I guess Americans like more Paris for the Parisian lifestyle, and they are more than just tourists. They love Paris in a different way. They like enjoying a café at a Parisian Terrasse, eating French food or being part of the Parisian life. Many Americans live in Paris and maybe that’s the meaning of this quote.

Etre pauvre à Paris, c’est être pauvre deux fois. Emile Zola

(To be poor in Paris is to be poor twice over.)

Paris is famous to be beautiful, romantic and expensive. It’s very hard to find a place to live in Paris I think. And if you find you need to pay a high price. It’s also famous for fashion and style. It looks everybody gets dressed up in Paris. So the quote says that if you are poor and go to Paris you will look and be poorer than somewhere else.

Le vrai parisien n’aime pas Paris, mais il ne peut vivre ailleurs. Alphonse Karr

(The true Parisian does not love Paris, but can not live elsewhere.)

You heard that French like to complain. And among French people it’s said that Parisian are stressed and not in a good mood. I don’t know if it’s true, but it means Parisians themselves dislike Paris when they live in, but when they leave Paris they know there is no other place like Paris.

A Paris, vois-tu, il vaudrait mieux n’avoir pas de lit que pas d’habit. Maupassant

(In Paris, it is better to have no bed than no clothes.)

Since Paris is famous for fashion, everybody wears nice clothes, or at least is in style. It’s very important to be well dressed to exist. So if you have to chose, better to have no good place to sleep  than no nice clothes!

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