New Book available: French Color Idioms!

I finally had the time to publish this book on Amazon so that most people can benefit from it.

French language is full of idioms and we use them a lot. Without noticing, sometimes, dropping an idiom sounds obvious in some context. This Spoken French – Color Idioms will be followed by other books from the same series of Spoken French.

Spoken French – Color Idioms
Available in ebook and paperback

Color idioms in French are often used to describe a strong emotion like anger, jealousy, but also to discribe a situation. Idioms can say a lot about culture. It is not only good to learn new words and sentences, but also to learn how to actually think in French. When you will be using idioms, and the more you will use them, the more you will be able to enter into a French’s mind. Idioms is the a good way to discover how French see the world.

As you will read inside the book, I picked only 60% of the idioms that are famous for idioms. I wanted to give you the most used, and especially the ones that we actually use in daily life whether it is oral or written French (newspapers mainly).

The book comes with the original idiom, the definition, the translation, and an example!

Definition: une peur violente
Translation: to be scared to death
Example: J’avais une peur bleue des arraignées.

Definition: fil conducteur d’un récit, d’une discussion
Translation: common theme
Example: Le développement durable est le l rouge de notre politique, annonce le Ministre.

Definition: personne ou chose détestée
Translation: pet hate, something that is particularly disliked
Example: Les inspections du travail pourront faire face au travail au noir, qui est la bête noire du fisc.

Definition: se faire des soucis, s’inquiéter
Translation: to worry
Example: Il n’est toujours pas rentré à la maison, je me fais des cheveux blancs.

And more!

These idioms are really useful to sound like a French. I hope you will enjoy it!

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