New Book Available: Food & Cooking Idioms in French!

Last month I published the first volume of a series of several books about idioms: Color Idioms.

Today there is a new volume about French idioms available in ebook and paperback format! It is called Spoken French – Food and Cooking Idioms.

French language has so many idioms, and there is a bunch of them related to food! Maybe it is also related to the fact that France is famous for its food and gastronomy. These idioms are so funny! The best part is that you can learn so much about French culture with these idioms. You can just read them for fun, or learn them. If you memorize them it will improve your listening skills. As the previous volume about Colors, I picked just a part of the idioms that actually exist. However, I made the choice to only select the ones I hear on a daily basis (whether it is active or passive knowledge). My goal is that you speak like a native French.

250+ French idioms about food and cooking!

In this book you will find around 270 French idioms about food and cooking. These idioms are actually used by native now. You can hear them or see them (on TV, in newspapers etc.).

As the previous volume, the book comes with the original idiom, the definition, the translation, and an example!

Download an excerpt and buy the book here.

These idioms are really useful to sound like a French. I hope you will enjoy it!

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