New Book Available: Body Idioms in French!

Last month I published the second volume of a series of several books about idioms: Food & Cooking Idioms.

Today there is a new volume about French idioms available in ebook and paperback format! It is called “Spoken French – Body Idioms”.

Whereas it is about fruits, colors or body, French language has always an interesting way to describe a feeling, a situation, a place. The body idioms are usual quite logical to understand. They refer to the part of the body we use in the situation we want to describe. All idioms are born in different times. Some old idioms are still used, as other die. Because I wanted this book to be practical and useful for everyday spoken French, I selected the ones that I hear more often and I dropped the ones (150!) that are too formal or not used anymore. It means that when you will use them you will not sound like a book!

400+ idioms about body in French!

In this book you will find around 400 French idioms about human body. These idioms are actually used by French natives now. You can hear them or see them (on TV, in newspapers etc.).

I dropped more than 150 idioms writing this book. I chose to not include them because they are not common enough in the daily life.

As the previous volume, the book comes with the original idiom, the definition, the translation, and an example!

Download an excerpt and buy the book here.

These idioms are really useful to sound like a French. I hope you will enjoy it!

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