French Vocab: 170 Idioms about Nature

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Today you get a new book about Nature idioms in French! French language has so many idioms that it is necessary to divide in several books (Colors, Food, Body, Animals, Nature, ….). Needless to say that not all Nature idioms are in this book. I only kept 50% of what actually exists. I chose to keep the ones that you might hear in a daily environment or in the French news and medias.

A big part of France is covered with nature, and many French expressions are inspired by nature. We can say that most of nature idioms are about the elements (feu, vent, eau, terre) but also related to agriculture (À tout bout de champ, en faire tout un foin). Nature idioms include expressions about weather in French, but also about flowers, wood, grass, etc. Some French expressions also come from the influence of the sea and mountain (faire des vagues, en faire une montagne). These idioms are used on a daily basis by French natives, and sometimes they are the reason foreigners don’t catch the meaning of a sentence,—Why is this guy suddenly talking about a bambou?—thus they are also the tool that you can use to sound more French. Using expressions makes your speech more interesting, but poetic and sometimes more fun and catchy!

I sorted the most relevant, to give the idioms that you might hear the most in France. You will find that some of them can be used in the medias and newspapers, but most of them are used in daily spoken French ! Try to use them, vous allez faire un tabac !

In this book you will find around 170 French idioms about Nature. These expressions are actually used by French natives now. You can hear them or see them (on TV, in newspapers etc.).

You can download an excerpt of the book and get it here.

These idioms are really useful to sound like a French. I hope you will enjoy it!

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