New Book: 300 idioms with animals in French!

After publishing the third volume of a series of French idioms here is another about…animals!!

Spoken French – Animal Idioms is available today in pdf and paperback format

Colors, Food, Body, now animals. French language has so many idioms that it is necessary to divide in several books. Needless to say that not all animal idioms are in this book. I only kept 50% of what actually exists. I chose to keep the ones that you might hear in a daily environment or in the French news and medias.

Animals are part of the daily life of French people and of course you will find a lot about pets (dogs, cats,…) but also about Animals that we traditionally raise and feed in French agriculture like cows, chicken, sheep, pigs.  We also have strong and scary animals that appears in fairy tales like wolves, bears, and also birds. These animals all have their own characteristics and they can sometimes apply to someone’s attitude, character or physical appearance.  In my opinion, animal idioms are the most fun to use. They can often bring a humorous part in the conversation, and the image is strong and easy to remember.

This cute cat will teach you more than 300 idioms!

In this book you will find around 300 French idioms about Animals. These idioms are actually used by French natives now. You can hear them or see them (on TV, in newspapers etc.).

You can download an excerpt of the book and get it here.

These idioms are really useful to sound like a French. I hope you will enjoy it!

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