Visit Paris: My 5 Favorite Restaurants to Eat Out in Paris

Signature Montmartre

Signature Montmartre offers fusion Korean Cuisine, a mix of French and Korean Cuisine (which I like a lot!) to serve you the best of both worlds! This is a semi-gastronomic restaurant owned by Victor, Lim Kim, and Sangmi. The wine menu is particularly original and you eat both with your eyes and mouth thanks to the professional chef and chef pâtissier. You can, for example, have a Korean-style oven baked Oysters or a Chorizo/Leek Pajeon (salted tart) with mango salsa sauce! (see pictures) A colorful and quality cuisine! Mind to try the Royal Korean kir (Champagne and Omija syrup)!

Wines directly delivered from producers and growers

Filet de dorade au sésame sauvage

Pajeon (flammenküeche) chorizo et poireaux sauce salsa à la mangue

Bouillon Chartier

Bouillon Chartier is a 100 years old traditional French restaurant and people still line up to have a meal there. It opens from 11h30 to midnight non-stop and one of the nice waiters said that it can serve sometimes 1200 dishes a day. It used to be a cantine for the workers. Prices are really cheap and the food is simple but delicious. The room is a piece of art and worth the visit!

Le Plomb du Cantal

Le Plomb du Cantal is a restaurant offering specialties from Auvergne Region and they definitely know how to make it! I like the atmosphere in one of the restaurants Le Plomb du Cantal – Jolivet (near Montparnasse Tower), it’s beside a small square and you don’t have much traffic in this street. The dishes are also simple with quite big portions, and delicious!

L’affineur affiné

“L’arroseur arrosé” is one of the famous first French movies ever by Louis Lumière. Affiner is a verb we use in the process of making cheese. L’affineur affiné is an amazing cheese shop and restaurant where you will meet French cheese the first time ever! Everything is delicious and you can eat a lot of quality cheese, testing them guided by the owner.  It’s the first place I go anytime I come back to France or the day I will leave. I deeply recommend L’assiette de 15 fromages at 39€!

La Cave Gourmande

La Cave Gourmande is close to Signature Restaurant in Montmartre. They offer typical French dishes with large quantity. The owner is tourist friendly and it’s just near the Sacré Coeur de Montmartre, Place des Abbesses and Mur des Je t’aime. A good idea for your lunch if you visit Montmartre!

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